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Product Description

Self lock Worm Gearhead stainless metal CZPT motor pace reducer CZPT double shafts
PW series precision CZPT head is a new technology of merchandise with the CZPT d technologies. Worm materials is 42CrMo, and its hardness of tooth surface area is 50~60HRC, which has the increased dress in resistance, shock resistance and toughness worm wheel substance is aluminium bronze, which has exceptional use resistance.
Crucial attributes:
Backlash, ≤1 arcmin
Large enter velocity, up to 6000rpm

Precision CZPT head Design :PW2520
Gearhead Data :
Housing substance: CZPT steel 
Reduction : twenty:1
Rated CZPT (W) : a hundred and twenty
Rated output torque (N·m) : 35
Emergency cease torque (N·m) : ninety
Rated input pace (rpm) :4000
Greatest enter speed (rpm) : 6000
Self-locking :Sure.
No-load backlash(arcmin) :≤1
Regular mass inertia(kg.cm2) : 1.six
Maximum effectiveness : 53%
Excess weight (kg) : 3.1
Technical Info
Radial load(N) : five hundred
Centre dist.(mm) : forty three.five
Ingress security: IP65
Operation temperature(ºC): -20~+eighty

  • Beautiful visual appeal and stable layout
  • Optimization style of each component which includes the situation has enhanced composition energy and life span
  • Production of motor flange type or motor hooked up type has improved consumer ease

worm reduction gear has extensive range of selection for CZPT (.2kW~75kW) and reduction gear ratio (1/10~1/3600),
and getting assorted item varieties such as Up Kind, Base Sort, Vertical Variety and 2 Phase Type, it can fulfill varied CZPT er requirements.worm gearboxes offer you users a large torque output multiplier and are able to withstand shock loading far better than other designs. Worm gear reducers are also reduced price and compact.Worm gearboxes are utilised to consider a rated motor speed and generate a low-pace, substantial torque output based mostly on the reduction ratio, offering consumers a number of rewards.
Worm equipment established advantages:

  • Easy and functional shaft mounting
  • Noiselessness, consistent performance, also for the heaviest purposes
  • Large functionality and dependability
  • Lower CZPT use
  • Extended life

Powerful and very effective large-grade worm reducer

We are a factory specialized in metal areas components & metal gearbox geared motor .We services with ODM/OEM gearbox design and style and improvement , gearmotors manufacture.
A  gearbox is  with the input shaft and output shaft aligned it delivers high torque transmission with good stiffness and reduced sounds , in a more compact foot print than other gearbox sorts . It can source a great deal of velocity reduction and torque in a small deal with the fixed axis .Gearbox is guarantee that it gives very correct equipment engagement, smooth operating and bare minimum sound and give the potential to enhance the torque and reduce the pace of an electrical motor.

Worm Varieties: Worm gears, worm wheels, worm shafts, motor worms, worm pinions, CZPT sets, worm wheel sets, speed reduction gears, pace reduction CZPT s, velocity reduction gear sets, metric CZPT s, metric CZPT sets, and metric worm wheel sets

Welcome CZPT and ODM assignments . 

The ideal transmission selection is when higher transmission reduction is required. A worm equipment is equivalent to a helical equipment with a throat lower to improve the outer diameter of the wheel. The throat enables the worm equipment to wrap entirely close to the threads of the worm. By reducing the threads on the worm relatively than the tooth, and by adjusting the amount of threads, various ratios can be achieved with out modifying the mounting arrangement. A distinctive characteristic of worm gears and worm equipment assemblies is their ability to stop reverse rotation.
china  supplier Stainless Steel Worm Gearbox Reducer manufacturers