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Merchandise Description

CZPT hoist elevator basic safety devices SAJ30 40 50 60

SAJ serials pinion and cone progressive security device is the most important security  device in the pinion and rack builders hoist, which can stop the cage operating  over pace, and efficiently lessen the cage dropping accident.

The safety products created by ZheJiang Investigation CZPT of Creating CZPT s has passed through the evaluation presided by the Ministry of CZPT in 1989. The experts at the conference made a high appraisal of realistic compact structure, stable action velocity, highly correct calibration, secure and reputable, braking efficiently and light fat and so forth. functions of the safety products. 

The devices was advisable as  hightech items designed in National Eighth Five Calendar year Strategy by the Ministry of Construction, and also won the ZheJiang exceptional new solution prize.


Characteristics Model Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double Cabin
SC200/200D  2×2000kg -33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC100/100D  2×1000kg -33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200/200Z  2×2000kg -55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC100/100Z  2×1000kg -55m/min 2×(2×11kw)
SC200D     2000kg -33m/min 3×11kw
SC100D     1000kg -33m/min 2×11kw
SC200Z     2000kg -55m/min 2×11kw
SC100Z     1000kg -55m/min 2×11kw

 The anti-drop basic safety devcie is steady with CZPT Nationwide CZPT also get to CZPT Kong COP CZPT and CZPT pe EN CZPT .
SAJ40-1.2 is one of protection products for SC200/two hundred. CZPT basic safety device such as:
Leading and base restrict, cage door electrical and mechanical interlock protection gadget, landing doorway electrica and mechanical interlock, anti-exceeding top system, security hook, anti-overload system, and so forth.
SC200/two hundred construction lifting hoist:
one.Cage ability: 2000kg
2.Lifting pace: 33m/min
three.Mast part: painted or hot galvanized
4.Top: CZPT ized
5.Cage measurement:3.0×1.5×2.2
Anti-drop security system are which includes:
SAJ30-1.2, CZPT thirty-1.4
SAJ40-1.2, CZPT 40-1.4
SAJ50-1.2, CZPT 50-1.4
And so on.

Personnel and materials construction creating lifting gear, construction instrument products construction hoist of widespread designs: 

Characteristic Model Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
Double cabin
SC200/two hundred  2×2000kg 33m/min 2×(3×11kw)
SC150/150  2×1500kg 33m/min 2×(2×15kw)
SC100/100  2×1000kg 33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
Single cabin
SC200     2000kg 33m/min 3×11kw
SC150     1500kg 33m/min 2×15kw
SC100     1000kg 33m/min 2×11kw


The ideal transmission decision is when large transmission reduction is essential. A worm equipment is related to a helical equipment with a throat lower to boost the outer diameter of the wheel. The throat allows the worm equipment to wrap entirely close to the threads of the worm. By slicing the threads on the worm instead than the tooth, and by altering the variety of threads, various ratios can be attained with no altering the mounting arrangement. A distinctive attribute of worm gears and worm equipment assemblies is their capacity to prevent reverse rotation.
china  Cheap Construction Hoist Elevator Safety Devices, Top Quality Construction Lifting Worm Gear Reducer Gearbox manufacturers