china Cost Pinion Gear for Rotary Kiln/Ball Mill and Cement Plant manufacturers

Product Description

Pinion equipment for Rotary Kiln/ball Mill and Cement Plant


CITICHL Pinion Gear invested in important sources and achieved numerous innovations with pinions. The right blend of content, hardness and ending among pinion and equipment is essential for a CZPT life time of the mounted products. We layout and manufacture pinions to match every single CZPT ers need to have, no make a difference how special the predicament may possibly be.


Casting & forging capability
CITICHL is the casting & forging center in central-south CZPT , possessing 50t electrical arc furnace, 60t LF ladle refining furnace, and 60t VD/VOD refining furnace, and many others. We can pour 350t liquid metal one particular time and yields more than 200,000t of  higher top quality liquid steel and can create the large quality steel of more than 260 steel grades this sort of as carbon metal, structural alloy steel and the structural metal, refractory metal and stainless steel of particular need. The highest excess weight of casting, gray casting, graphite cast iron and CZPT -ferrous casting is 200t, 30t, 20t and 205t individually. 
The organization is the forging centre in central-south CZPT . It is extremely CZPT ful in forging. The single totally free forging is 100t(max excess weight). We can roll rings of various sections of carbon metal, alloy steel, substantial temperature alloy and CZPT -ferrous alloys these kinds of as copper alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. The highest diameter is 5.5m and single piece of the forging weighs 10t. We have 8400t, 3150t, 1600t, drinking water push and Raw 200/a hundred and sixty-5000/750 large-dimension ring mill of large precision in Asia created in WAGNER, Germany.

Heat treatment method capability
The company is the heat treatment foundation in nationwide equipment trade in central and south CZPT , possessing Φ3×1.6m carburizing furnace, Φ2.3×17m,Φ2.3×9.5m shaft furnace, 8.5×13m,5×15m,6×14.5m,4.5×18m automated managed car sort heat remedy furnace group. We can supply the quenched and tempered part over 45t, the carburizedand quenched equipment and pinion underneath 20t, shaft≤5.7m in length and the induced girth ring diameter≤5m

Our pinion gears Characteristics

Pinion design: bored solid on shaft / integral self aligned spur, CZPT cal or double CZPT cal

solid alloyed steel

Spur, CZPT cal or double CZPT cal

Three various designs:Fabricated steel – forged ring – rolled plate

Requirements/Certificates :• UNI EN ISO • AWS • ASTM • ASME • DIN

Pinion equipment cutting devices
Φ16m CNC hobbing CZPT
Φ12m Gear slicing equipment (Switzerland)
Φ10m hobbing equipment (Germany)
Φ4m CNC substantial velocity hobbing machine (Germany)
Φ1.6m Horizontal CNC hobbing machine (Germany)
Φ5m CNC profile gear grinding machine (Germany)
Φ2.8m CNC Profile gear grinding equipment (Germany)
Φ1.25m CNC Profile equipment grinding device (Germany)
Φ1m CNC Profile equipment grinding equipment (Germany)

Specifications of Gear :

No. Product Description  
one Diameter ≤15m  
2 Module ≤45  
three Materials Cast Alloy Steel, Cast Carbon Steel, Forged Alloy Steel, Forged Carbon Steel  
4 Structure From Integrated, Half to Half, Four Pieces and More Pieces  
5 Heat Treatment Quenching & Tempering, Normalizing & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching & Tempering  
6 Tooth Form Annular Gear, Outer Gear Ring  
seven Regular ISO, EN, DIN, AISI, ASTM, JIS, IS, GB  

Inspection and Test Outline of Girth Gear:

No. Product Inspection Area Acceptance Criteria Inspection Stage Certificates
one Chemical 
Sample Material Requirement When Smelting
After Heat Treatment
Chemical Composition 
2 Mechanical
Sample(Test Bar on the Gear Body) Technical Requirement After Heat Treatment Mechanical Properties 
three Heat 
Whole Body Manufacturing Standard During Heat Treatment Heat Treatment Report
Curves of Heat 
4 Hardness 
Tooth Surface, 3 Points Per 90° Technical Requirement After Heat Treatment Hardness Teat Report
After Semi Finish 
5 Dimension 
Whole Body Drawing After Semi Finish
Dimension Inspection 
Finish Machining
6 Magnetic Power Test (MT) Tooth Surface Agreed Standard After Finish Gear 
MT  Report
7 UT Spokes Parts Agreed Standard After Rough Machining UT Report
After Welded
After Semi Finish 
8 PT Defect Area No Defect Indicated After Digging
After Welded
PT Record
nine Mark Inspection Whole Body Manufacturing Standard Final Inspection Photos
10 Appearance 
Whole Body CIC’s Requirement Before Packing
(Final Inspection)
11 Anti-rust 
Whole Body Agreed Anti-rust Agent Before Packing Pictures 
12 Packing 
Whole Body Agreed Packing Form During Packing Images

Facilities For Manufacturing Gear ring:

No. Item Description
1 Smelting & Casting Capability  
40t ,50t, 80t Series AC Electric Arc Furnace
2×150t, 60t LF Ladle Refining Furnace
150t, 60t Series VD/VOD Furnace
20×18m Large Pouring Facility
We can pour 900t refining liquid steel one time, and achieve vacuum poured 600t steel ingots.
We can produce the high quality steel of more than 260 steel grades as carbon steel,structural alloy steel and the structural steel, refractory steel and stainless steel of special requirement. The maximum weight of casting steel, gray casting, graphite cast iron and non-ferrous casting is 600t, 200t, 150t and 20t separately.
two Forging Capability  
The only one in the word, the most technologically advanced and the largest specification18500t Oil Press, equipped with 750t.m forging operation machine
8400t Water Press
3150t Water Press
1600t Water Press
Φ5m High Precision Ring Mill ( WAGNER,Germany)
Φ12m High Precision Ring Mill
We can roll rings of different sections of carbon steel, alloy steel, high temperature alloy steel and non-ferrous alloys such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. Max. Diameter of rolled ring will be 12m.
three Heat Treatment Capability 9×9×15m,8×8×12m,6×6×15m,15×16×6.5m,16×20×6m ,7×7×17m Series Heat Furnace and Heat Treatment Furnaces
φ2.0×30m,φ3.0×5.0m Series Heat Treatment Furnaces
φ5.0×2.5m,φ3.2×1.5m,φ3.0×5.0m,φ2.0×5m Series Carburizing Furnaces & Nitriding Furnaces & Quenching Bathes
φ2.0×30m Well Type CNC Electrical Furnaces
Φ3.0×5.0M Horizontal Gas Temperature-differential Furnace
Double-frequency and Double-position Quenching Lathe of Pinion Shaft
4 Machining Capability one. ≥5m CNC Heavy Duty Vertical Lathes
12m CNC Double-column Vertical Lathe
10m CNC Double-column Vertical Lathe
10m CNC Single-column Vertical Lathe
6.3m Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe
5m CNC Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe  
two. ≥5m Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines
15m CNC Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine
10m Gear Hobbing Machine
8m Gear Hobbing Machine
5m Gear Hobbing Machine
3m Gear Hobbing Machining
3. Imported High-precision Gear Grinding Machines
.8m~3.5m CNC Molding Gear Grinding Machines
4. Large Boring & Milling Machines
220 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine
200 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine
160 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine

Q: How about the high quality of your goods?
A: Our devices are made strictly according to national and intercontinental requirements, and we just take a test on every gear prior to shipping and delivery.
Q: How about the price?
A: We are manufactory, and we can give you reduce value than these trade businesses. Aside from, CZPT ers from Produced in CZPT can get a price reduction.
Q: Do you offer following-sale support?
A: Yes. The warranty period of CZPT devices is 1 calendar year, and we have a expert soon after-sale crew to immediately and extensively resolve your problems.
Q: Do you give gear operation education?
A: Sure. We can deliver skilled engineers to the doing work web site for products set up, adjustment, and procedure education. All of CZPT engineers have passports.

Ep Gear’s worm gears use proper-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to provide an effective solution for electricity transmission programs demanding higher reduction ratios in confined areas. When effectively used, worm gears offer the smoothest and quietest kind of transmission. Given that the efficiency of a worm drive depends on the lead angle and the amount of stars on the worm – considering that effectiveness is constantly the objective, this ratio should be kept as low as feasible. To operate correctly, the worm and worm equipment utilised with each other must have the exact same diameter, pitch and thread.
china  Cost Pinion Gear for Rotary Kiln/Ball Mill and Cement Plant manufacturers